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7-Eleven Celebrates National Hot Dog Day All Month Long With $1 Hot Dogs

The world's largest retailer will offer the quarter-pound Big Bite hot dog for just $1 at participating stores for the month of July.

7-Eleven Celebrates National Hot Dog Day All Month Long With $1 Hot Dogs

IRVING, Texas — (PRNewswire) — National Hot Dog Day is approaching on July 21, and 7-Eleven wants Americans to “Seize the Dog” (Latin: Carpe Canis). The world’s largest retailer will celebrate the humble frankfurter by offering its beloved Quarter-Pound Big Bite 100% beef hot dog for just $1 at participating stores. And because July is National Hot Dog Month and when 7-Eleven stores sell the most hot dogs, the promotion will go on the entire month of July.


July is the month of the all-American holidays – July 4… July 11 (cough cough, 7-Eleven’s Birthday)… And next up is National Hot Dog Day. So get your red, white, and roller grill tongs ready to take advantage of the limited-time dollar dog deal.

Wait, did someone say Slurpee drinks?! 
In past years, 7-Eleven gave away millions of FREE Slurpee drinks on its 7/11 birthday. But this year, the world’s largest convenience store retailer is spreading the Slurpee love out with a FREE Slurpee drink coupon valid through July 31. The coupon is available through the 7Rewards® loyalty program found in the 7-Eleven app.

For those who already redeemed their 7Rewards free Slurpee drink coupon, not to worry. Small Slurpee drinks are $1 all summer long—and with the new stay cold cup, the summery featured flavors will stay super chill. We’re talking Peach Perfect, Pineapple Whip, and Blueberry Lemonade Bliss.

“7-Eleven’s Big Bite hot dogs and Slurpee drinks are American icons, and while they’re enjoyed year-round, summertime is their time to shine, with millions stopping by to grab a Big Bite hot dog and a Slurpee on their way to the lake, pool, home from a game or just to satisfy a craving,” said Robin Murphy, fresh food product director. “Two dollars for a Big Bite and a small Slurpee is a doggone good deal, and we invite hot dog and Slurpee drink lovers alike to celebrate all month long.”

Relish the Options!
7-Eleven sells more than 100 million hot dogs each year, making it one of the country’s top hot dog sellers. Maybe that’s because 7-Eleven customers know they can build the Big Bite of their dreams at 7-Eleven stores with a wide variety of condiments and toppings. Hot chili, melted nacho cheese, fresh onions, jalapeños, and pico de gallo or classics like ketchup, mustard, relish, pickles, mayonnaise, and sauerkraut are included with each Big Bite hot dog purchase. Selections vary by store.

Some Hot Dog – and Big Bite – History
One legend says the term “hot dog” was coined by a New York cartoonist who couldn’t spell the hot “dachshund” sausages he observed a vendor selling during a baseball game. In a newspaper cartoon, he sketched a real dachshund dog, smeared with mustard, in a bun, being sold by a vendor shouting, “Get your hot dog.”

Since 1957, July was designated National Hot Dog Month to celebrate the All-American wiener and bun. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council established the third Wednesday in July as National Hot Dog Day to coincide with the annual hot dog lunch on Capitol Hill. The event is sponsored by the North American Meat Institute, the council’s parent organization. The council estimates that Americans eat more than 20 billion hot dogs each year, almost 40 percent during the peak hot dog season, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

Although 7-Eleven began offering hot dogs in its stores in the early 1970s, its iconic Big Bite hot dogs didn’t roll out until 1988, along with the company’s now ubiquitous roller grills. Big Bite hot dogs are made using a proprietary all-beef recipe created exclusively for 7-Eleven. The convenience retailer estimates it sells well over 100 million hot dogs each year.

A Deal on Dogs…and More!
For anyone who likes their roller grill delicacies spicier or more exotic, the 7-Eleven dollar deal is good on any roller grill items, including taquitos and eggrolls.

With 50 million members and counting, 7Rewards is the popular proprietary loyalty program found in the 7-Eleven app, where customers can earn and redeem points on most purchases (translation: buy stuff, get free stuff). Customers can also take advantage of offers, exclusive discounts, and interactive features.

One 7–Eleven app feature includes 7-Eleven Wallet, which gives customers contactless checkout options. Funds can be loaded into a 7Rewards account via cash at the register, or in the app with a credit or debit card. Other contactless payment methods – Apple Pay, Google Pay or a prepaid 7–Eleven gift card – can be added to Wallet, and the 7Rewards barcode is then scanned at checkout to pay.

Another 7–Eleven app feature includes 7-Eleven Delivery. Offered in over 1,300 U.S. cities, 7-Eleven Delivery offers real-time tracking that lets customers know when to expect their orders, typically in 30 minutes or less.

The 7–Eleven app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting

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