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First songs released from upcoming star-studded tribute album for late Tejano icon Jimmy Edward

“Incertidumbre” and “My Special Medley” are the first songs released from tribute album for the late Latin Breed singer.

Jimmy Edward | Courtesy photo

NextGen Records has teamed up with the son of late Tejano icon Jimmy Edward to produce an all-star tribute to the artist who is widely considered one of the most influential vocalists of the genre.


As the original lead vocalist for the legendary group the Latin Breed and with a string of hit albums as a solo artist, Jimmy Edward was a dominating force of the 1970s Chicano music scene. Shortly after his passing in February 2020, his son Jimmy Edward Treviño III and NextGen Records co-founder and C.E.O. Mike Torres III began talks to bring this project to life. The duo is proud to release the first two singles from the upcoming album; a beautiful mariachi rendition of “Incertidumbre” and “My Special Medley” featuring some of the biggest hits of his solo career.

For years I had wanted to produce one more album for my dad, and unfortunately we didn’t have the chance,” Treviño said. “I met Mike at my dad’s funeral and after finding out how big of a fan he is, I wanted to share some old videos I had. We started talking and before we knew it, we were making a plan to get this record going!

The first release, “My Special Medley,” features vocal work by Ram Herrera, Chente Barrera, Mike Torres III, and Roger Velasquez; and is an homage to the 1978 hit record My Special Album.

“That record was my dad’s true labor of love. He was most proud of that record,” recounts Treviño. The track features the horn section of LA 45 along with their drummer Will O’Rourke; the legendary bassist Roy Paniagua, who was the original bassist of the Jimmy Edward Band in the 1970s and David Delagarza III of La Mafia, the son of David “Speedy” Delagarza, original keyboard player for the Jimmy Edward Band.

“Incertidumbre” showcases a magnificent performance by another of Tejano music’s greatest vocalists, Adalberto Gallegos, backed by three of the most in demand mariachi musicians of this generation, Frank Carreon (guitarron & trumpets), Robert Casillas (guitar & vihuela), and Antonio Guzman (violins), this classic song takes on a new life!

“Every day the project gets bigger and more artists are signing on to be a part of this once in a lifetime tribute to a truly iconic artist,” said Torres. “There will never be another voice like Jimmy’s…he influenced generations of artists, and we are so excited and proud to be able to put this all together.” 

Work began on the album in January of this year produced by Treviño, Torres and John Ontiveros. The full album is due out this summer and includes a lineup of some of the biggest stars in Tejano music.

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  1. Taylor N Christine Ewing

    Hope Powerhouse Avizo is on there especially since he loved to perform live with them. Beautiful combination.


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