Producer Eddie Perez announces La Llave Music Group

The producer and member of La Calma has started his own record label and released the debut album from The Homeboyz.

Veteran Tejano musician and producer Eddie Perez announced the formation of his own record label, La Llave Music Group.


Perez, who is a member of La Calma, has always wanted to create a music group to help artists with anything needed to be succesful.

“You know, a one stop shop for a whole package from A to Z,” Perez tells Tejano Nation. “I have all the elements — the “key” elements — hence the name, it just felt right because I want the (artist) to feel like it’s the key to get everything going in the right direction.”

La Llave Music Group has been an idea of Perez for many years and he has already signed the first artist to his talent roster, The Homeboyz.

“When I started talking about doing this, Elias (Arredondo) from The Homeboyz was like, ‘Bro, we’re ready to record with you and we want to put out this album with you’,” said Perez. “It all literally happened within in a month. The stars all lined up. We recorded their album two weeks later.”

The Homeboyz are a group made up of former members of legendary Conjunto group The Hometown Boys and their self-titled debut album is the first release from La Llave Music Group and is available at It features 10 songs, seven of which are original and a tribute to The Hometown Boyz. The album was recorded with mulitple Grammy-winning producer Gilbert Velasquez at his Velasquez Music Studios in San Antonio, Texas.

The Homeboyz | Courtesy of La Llave Music Group

Perez added he’s teamed with Aaron “Tex” Gonzales and Tex Sound Publishing to be that one-stop shop to provide a plethora of services for artists of La Llave Music Group as Perez plans to expand the artist talent roster.

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