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Emanuel J shares details on highly-anticipated sophomore album

The singer is set to release his highly-anticipated sophomore album later this summer.

Emanuel J and Lexie Rodriguez | Courtesy photo

Emanuel J has been hitting the Tejano charts with his newest single “Tu”, which is available now on all digital platforms, and our Tejano TikToker, Lexie Rodriguez, had a chance to catch up with Emanuel J in Houston right before his show.


Emanuel J is no stranger to traveling for music, coming originally from Colorado to pursue his music career in the Tejano industry, he was really excited to have the chance to perform in Houston, in partnership with DJ TejanoLoco and the newest Houston Tejano club, Los Corrales South. 

Emanuel J has had quite an impressive resume since moving to Texas with his brother, Emiliano Gauna, who also performs, playing bass, for artists such as Stefani Montiel, LaDezz, and of course, his brother Emanuel J.

Emanuel J has a passion to pursue his career to the fullest and has been incredibly successful in doing just that. As a solo artist, Emanuel has proven to be an accomplished songwriter, musician, and singer but he has also had opportunities to play keys and other instruments for Tejano artists we know and love, such as LaDezz and David Lee Garza y Los Musicales.

“The experiences I’ve had through traveling and performing with these guys have really helped me as a solo artist,” said Emanuel in conversation with Lexie. “Working with them also allows me to have the opportunity to pursue my own solo career and travel to areas, such as Houston when I’m not gigging with these other artists.” 

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Emanuel is currently working on his sophomore album, which is geared towards being released by the end of this summer or early fall. His newest single “Tu”, which was written by both Emanuel J and Emiliano, is officially the lead single from the new album and I believe we can anticipate hearing and seeing more amazing singles drop from this new album in the months to come.

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