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Karla Christina debuts with ‘Que Lo Sepan’ from upcoming ‘The Espinoza Experience’ project

The singer from Nevada shares details on her debut single in the Tejano music scene.

Tejano newcomer Karla Christina released her debut Tejano single “Que Lo Sepan,” a song from an upcoming project, The Espinoza Experience from Florida-based producer, musician, and songwriter Jonathan Espinoza.


“I’m really grateful and excited to be on this single,” Karla Christina tells Tejano Nation. “Things just kind of happen, when they’re meant to be they’re meant to be. I wasn’t really looking for this opportunity, honestly, and it just kind of happened. I’m just grateful to be on a track with amazing and talented musicians.”

The talented vocalist from Reno, Nevada, connected to the project when her drummer reached out to veteran Tejano musician Aaron Holler after he posted an Instagram story searching for a female singer to be a part of the Espinoza project. Karla Christina was selected by Espinoza to add her voice to “Que Lo Sepan.”

“It’s really a crazy story,” said Karla Christina, who has been singing since she was a little girl. “Music is my life, it’s my passion. I’ve just always been looking for an opportunity, sometimes you knock on doors and those doors don’t open. This all just kind of fell in place and I’m so excited and so grateful.”

“Que Lo Sepan” features tight musicianship with Espinoza on keyboards, Holler on drums, accordion from Gabriel Zavala, bajo sexto player Eddie Perez, guitarist Miguel Hernandez, bassist Chris Rodriguez, and saxophonist Valentino Maltos.

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This has opened up more opportunities for the Nevada singer in Tejano music and it is just the beginning for her.

“This opportunity arising other things have opened up,” she said. “I can’t speak on anything officially but there is a possibility of at least another two recordings to come in the near future.”

“I just really want to express how grateful I am to Jonathan and him believing in me and allowing me to be featured on his album and I’m just so grateful of how people have received it and the positive feedback and how supportive people have been,” she added.

“Que Lo Sepan” from Karla Christina is available to stream or download at all digital music platforms. The Espinoza Experience album is expected to be released later this year.

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