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Hailyn Bella showcases female empowerment with ‘Soy Una Señorita’ single and music video

The San Antonio singer-songwriter has released the third single and video from her upcoming debut album.

Courtesy of Bella Records

Hailyn Bella is a newcomer in Tejano music, dropping her debut single during the pandemic titled “Cuarentena Cumbia,” a light-hearted song about quarantine. Now the San Antonio-based singer and songwriter has released her third single and music video “Soy Una Señorita.”


Bella, who decided to follow her dreams of performing after a very successful career in the concessions business, tells Tejano Nation “Soy Una Señorita” could be understood in two ways, a break-up song and women empowerment.

“It can easily be interpreted as a song about a girl that was with a guy, he left her for another girl and he regrets it now,” she explains. “In reality, what it was is, (what) I was going through. The business world is not for the weak-hearted and you got to be extra tough. As a female, very unfortunately what I think is so unfair, men that are in charge don’t think that females like myself can handle it and they took advantage of it a lot. I had to basically be as manly as I could, be as cut throat as I could be and just stand my ground and fight to stay alive.”

Hailyn Bella — “Soy Una Senorita”
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The visual for the cumbia track, produced and directed by Bella, definitely showcases women empowerment.

“Soy Una Señorita” was co-written by Bella and produced by GRAMMY winner Chris Lieck and features a unique sound.

“I’m excited to bring something new and fresh to the Tejano world,” she said about her music. “There has to be a way where we can honor our past while still looking ahead into the future. Tejano doesn’t have to lose its originality from years ago but it can also have new artists, new singing, new ideas.”

Bella began her music career producing an English Pop album until she visited her grandmother in Mexico and had a revelation.

“I realize I’m trying to figure out who I am and I’m Mexican American, so I need to do Spanish Pop,” she said. “I’m finding more and more a connection with my roots, with who I am and I really think this is important.”

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That idea eventually led to the chanteuse recording Tejano music. “Soy Una Señorita” was originally set to appear on Bella’s Spanish Pop EP, but she and her producer remixed it into a Tejano cumbia.

“It’s a different sound. It’s poppy but it’s still Tejano, it’s still heavy accordion and the beat is more Tejano,” she added.

Bella plans for a full Tejano album to be released in November. Learn more about Hailyn Bella at her official website

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