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Hailyn Bella releases cheerful cumbia ‘Grandesita’

The singer from Laredo released the latest single from her upcoming debut album.

Hailyn Bella is a Tejano singer from Laredo, Texas, and the young business entrepreneur is best known for the delightful aroma of popcorn being made out of her mother’s kitchen and sold at her mother’s hair salon. The clientele who frequented the salon enjoyed the hospitable samplers given to the customers who waited to be serviced at the salon.


This became the beginning experience of Hailyn’s entrepreneurship journey. She learned business etiquette, sales, and management as well as marketing strategies that would later help her towards her now own enterprise. Hailyn’s experience and gained knowledge also helped give her the drive to take on new challenges. In the years that followed Hailyn pursued her academic course work and countless hours in the field of business education. 

The skills and accomplishments Hailyn obtained were humbling and satisfying, but Hailyn knew there was a greater passion of hers yet to be shared with the world. 

Being that Hailyn came from a family of musicians, and also an active member of her school band, which greatly influenced the direction and her ideas to sing and explore with other instruments and sounds. Eventually, she decided she would then save up enough money to invest in piano, guitar and recording lessons.

She approached Chris Lieck and began recording songs at Chris Lieck Studios

Hailyn Bella had set her mind on English Pop and Latin music from the beginning, but then sparked an interest and wanted to stay connected with her heritage and cultural upbringing leading her to dive straight into Tejano music.

“Chris Lieck is the producer on all my music up to now and we co-write the songs,” Bella tells Tejano Nation. “He takes my really out-there ideas and translates them somehow into exactly what I was wanting and envisioning for my songs.”

“He is an amazing teacher and a mentor I truly cherish,” she added. “I let him take the lead sometimes when he is like, ‘Nope I know it needs to go like this,’ but most of the time he really does give me the freedom to do my own thing when it comes to my songs and he is very supportive and allows me to learn and grow as an artist in my own way.”

The latest single from Hailyn Bella is titled “Grandesita” and it’s a song you definitely want to hear again and again. The cheerful cumbia has an upbeat tone and catchy vibe. You may even find yourself swaying your hips to it. 

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This song is about a young Mexican girl growing up. Compared to other young girls, she is very mischievous and begins to find herself longing for a boyfriend.  The thought of a boy buying her nice things and spoiling her is what excites her. She loves that she is able to pick from a selection of boys and make her own choice of who she chooses to date. Her mom’s opinion of the boy she chooses to bring home is also what she values the most.

“I was in fifth grade when I asked permission to have a boyfriend, and my mom asked me why I wanted one,” reminisced Bella. “I told her the truth, ‘Well mom it’s because I want him to buy me a lot of cool stuff for Valentine’s Day and then afterwards I won’t be his girlfriend anymore’.”

“I was actually a little heartbreaker when I was younger,” she added. “The funny thing is that anything I wanted, my parents would always give to me.  My dad would buy me flowers on my birthday, I would get cute little trinkets on holidays, etc so there really wasn’t a need for me to have a boyfriend just to buy me stuff.”

“Grandesita” is a female empowerment song that makes you feel strong in your decision-making process, whether it’s in your love life, job, or just enjoying the moment.

“I would like my fans to know that women really are amazing and powerful and always have the power to choose,” said Bella. “Whether it means choosing a partner, a career, or anything that their heart desires, they always have the upper hand if they really believe it to be true and possible.”

Hailyn Bella | Courtesy photo

“I am so amazed and frequently impressed with how strong women, especially Latina women, can be,” she said. “Together we really can change the world to be a better place.  My family has always been deeply rooted in my priorities. My parents also played a huge part in all of the success and achievements I’ve collected over the years. Although I do my best to choose what feels best for me, my parents’ opinions weigh heavily on my decisions.  That could go either way because if they are all for it, I might just go the complete opposite!”

As a brand new artist, Hailyn Bella has been consistent with her music and continues to keep her fans on their toes. She has worked hard on singles in the studio that are unique to her sound. This year, she’ll be dropping her highly-anticipated debut album.

“For anyone who has a dream that feels like it’s too good to ever come true; To remind you that yes it is possible. That yes you are worthy, and YES you deserve it,” said Bella. “To teach all that I’ve learned. I really do believe that when we are all happier, the world is a better place. And if for just a few minutes you can tune in to one of my songs and forget about all the worries you carry on your shoulders, and smile and dance, then I’m doing my job.”

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