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Lydia Castillo pays tribute to biggest influence with Laura Canales medley

The singer-songwriter paid tribute to the Queen of Tejano with a medley of hits.

Lydia Castillo is currently working on her debut album and she has teamed with two award-winning producers for her latest single, a tribute medley to one of her biggest influences, Laura Canales.


The “Laura Medley” was produced by GRAMMY winner Chente Barrera and Mario Ortiz, producer and musical director for Jay Perez. The medley features three classic songs from the Laura Canales, “Si Vivi Contigo,” “Dime Si Tú Me Quieres,” and “Lo Lindo De Ti.”

“She’s always been one of my favorite singers since I was a little girl so because of that I decided to do a little medley,” Castillo tells Tejano Nation.

Castillo added that recording songs by the late Tejano music legend, who passed away from complications of gallbladder surgery in 2005, was an amazing experience.

“It felt so good. It felt so, so good being in the studio and singing her music,” said Castillo. “You have to hear the song. Once you’ll hear it, you’ll understand. I felt like she was there with me it was just crazy. It was a crazy feeling.”

The San Antonio singer and songwriter also spoke about working with the amazing producers on the special medley to honor the “Queen of Tejano.”

“They’re awesome,” she said. “Chente and I have worked together before and he’s an awesome friend of mine and bringing Mario in was even better. It was really good.”

Castillo is following her dreams of a music career and has used music to heal herself from tragedies she’s experienced in her life and plans to release her debut album soon.

The “Laura Medley” from Lydia Castillo is available now on your favorite digital music platform.

Lydia Castillo — “Laura Medley”
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