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Third annual All-Star Music Awards set for May 29, reveals Top 10 in each category

The third annual All-Star Music Awards are scheduled for May 29 at the San Antonio Event Center.

The All-Star Music Awards have released the Top 10 participants for each category for the third annual event scheduled for Saturday, May 29, 2021, at the San Antonio Event Center.


Jesse Torres, CEO and founder of the All-Star Music Awards, announced the details recently and shared with Tejano Nation the inside scoop of the awards and the fun behind the scenes, the red carpet, the performers, and more as he embarks on a new year.

Torres is no stranger to the music scene. He has been on the inside of the Tejano music industry for over 40 years as a radio personality, club owner, and a true pioneer to Conjunto and Tejano radio at KHFM with Albert Calvo in San Antonio, Texas. That’s when ten years ago, Torres started hosting events for Rudy Lopez at Far West nightclub, introducing top-tier artists like Ramon Ayala, Michael Salgado, Jimmy Gonzalez, and Joe Lopez. He also hosted the stage at the annual Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair, connecting with many in the Tejano music industry.

The Top 10 selections in the categories were solely made by Torres, who strongly believes everyone should be recognized, everyone who contributes to La Onda Tejana has a chance at making history including the media and band members. This recognition by Mr. Torres is how we as entrepreneurs and business leaders need to display showmanship.

The newest award show on the scene has slowly gained respect and it was formed from a history of knowledge and forty-five years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to La Onda Tejana and to the listeners, followers, and professionals in broadcast, promotions, and publications as well. Torres has mastered all of it on his own.

I believe the same with documentation of our artists, videos of performances, articles in our industry magazines and radio networks. Connecting and distributing news together is a vital source of proclamation in history books for La Onda Tejana and that’s what we strive for to continue the growth of the Tejano industry. Torres never dreamed he would be in this position to offer these an amazing and beautiful awards to the people who deserve them.

The All-Star Music Awards will recognize four artists with Lifetime Achievement Awards including music legend Little Joe, late Latina music icon Selena, late Conjunto legend Ruben Naranjo, and late award-winning New Mexico singer Ernestine Romero. The ceremony will also add new members into the Hall of Fame including respected photographer and journalist Ramon Hernandez, late legendary songwriter and musician Roger Contreras,

The awards ceremony is growing bigger every year and will take place on Saturday, May 29, 2021, at the San Antonio Event Center in San Antonio Texas located at 8111 Meadow Leaf Drive.

Best Traditional Female Vocalist

  • Cristina Salinas
  • Elida Reyna
  • Letty Guval
  • Linda Escobar
  • Michelle Chel
  • Patsy Torres
  • Rebecca Valadez
  • Shelly Lares
  • Stefani Montiel
  • Stephanie Lynn

Female Entertainer of the Year

  • Cindy Ramos
  • Destiny Navaira
  • Devin Banda
  • Erika Renee
  • Ilyssa Saenz
  • Isabel Marie Sanchez
  • Liz Garcia
  • Melani Munoz
  • Savannah Votion

Male Entertainer of the Year

  • AJ Castillo
  • Chente Barrera
  • David Farias
  • David Ledesma
  • El Chavalon
  • Ismael Gutierrez
  • JR Reyna
  • Stevie D
  • Sunny Sauceda
  • Tony Guerrero

Female Vocalist of the Year

  • Cindy Ramos
  • Courtney Gutierrez
  • Destiny Navaira
  • Erika Renee
  • Ilyssa Saenz
  • Liz Garcia
  • Lydia Castillo
  • Marissa Rose Mejia
  • Melani Munoz
  • Savannah Votion

Song of the Year

  • “Brujeria” — Savannah Votion
  • “Duele” — Beatriz Gonzalez
  • “I’ll Be Missing You” — Ray Ray featuring Aisha
  • “Mi Linda Ilusion” — Erika Renee
  • “Nomas Contigo” — JR Aldaco & The Midwest All-Stars
  • “No Te Preocupes” — Aisha
  • “Que Bonito” — El Dorado Band
  • “Se Tambalea” — Tejano Highway 281
  • “Siempre Contigo” — La Dezz featuring Joe Posada
  • “Tu Traicion” — Cindy Ramos

Best Uprising Female

  • Cynthia Bustamante
  • Di Marie
  • Gabriella Salazar
  • Genyva Salas Monjaras
  • Hailyn Bella
  • Lisa Mar
  • Magali Delarosa
  • Maricela B. Hernandez
  • Monica Saldivar
  • Perla Judith

Best Uprising Male

  • Adrian Solis
  • Christopher Ramirez
  • J. Lomas
  • James Edward Sanchez
  • Jose Ricardo
  • Frank Tovar
  • Leroy Urrabazo
  • Luciano Mate IV
  • Marcus Daniels
  • Tristan Ramos

Best Tejano Group

  • Jr Aldaco & The Midwest All-Stars
  • Joe Vic Reyna Y Los Kumbacheros
  • Fantazzia
  • Kompleto
  • La Dezz
  • La Justicia
  • Remedio
  • Rick Fuentes and The Brown Express
  • Tejano Calvary
  • Tejano Highway 281

Best Norteño Group/Artist

  • Bobby Pulido
  • David Olivarez
  • Intocable
  • La Calma
  • Los Palominos
  • Lucky Joe
  • Michael Salgado
  • Ramon Ayala
  • Siggno
  • Vision

Best Producer

  • Carlos Maldonaldo
  • Carlos Rodriguez
  • Daniel Aldaco
  • David Escalante
  • Eddie Perez
  • Eric “E-Rock” Avalos
  • Gabriel Zavala
  • Javier Villarreal
  • Kike De Leon
  • Roberto R. Briones
  • Sevy Contreras

Best Journalist / Photographer

  • David Munoz
  • Jaime Vidal
  • Jina Ink
  • John Henry Medina
  • Jose Pepe Vidal
  • Larry Amaro
  • Mariaelena Villarreal
  • Ryan Bazan
  • Sylvia Carrizales
  • Vic Gonzalez

Best On-Air Personality

  • Bonnie Hernandez — KLMO 98.9 FM / San Antonio
  • Chuy Gonzalez — La Motor Radio 90.9
  • DJ Jale — KLMO 98.9 FM / San Antonio
  • Jojo Herrera — KLMO 98.9 FM / San Antonio
  • DJ Peaches — KPYT 100.3 FM / Tucson
  • Rebecca Denise — KNON 89.9 FM / Dallas
  • Ree Gonzales — KNON 89.9 FM / Dallas
  • Roc D — KNON 89.9 FM / Dallas
  • Pancho Pistolas — Jalapeno Radio Network / Dallas
  • Tori E — KLMO 98.9 FM / San Antonio

Best Internet Radio Personality – Top 10

  • DJ Gambler — Saz Radio
  • DJ Fluffy — SCP Radio
  • DJ Jammin Jess — Tejano Lippz
  • DJ Lawdawg — Tejano Lippz
  • DJ Lonestar Fresh — Tejano Radio
  • Julio Castro — OMRR
  • Santos Leal — Tejano Jukebox Radio
  • Tejanita Chaps — Saz Radio
  • Terri Galvan — Mas Chingon Radio
  • Tony Anthony — Chicano Radio

Best Online/Mobile DJ

  • Albert Hernandez
  • CC Jammer
  • Chris Ramirez
  • Chris Rodriguez
  • DJ Johnny C
  • DJ Lucky J
  • DJ Mixin Marc
  • Eli Estrada
  • Marisela B Hernandez
  • Tony Perez

Other categories include Video of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Best Accordionist, Best Bajo/Guitarist, Best Drummer, and Best Promoter. Public voting begins March 1 – April 15, 2021, with official nominees announced at the All-Star Showcase and Nominees dance at the San Antonio Event Center on Friday, May 28, 2021. Tickets are $10.00 or free with a ticket purchased for the third annual All-Star Music Awards the following night.

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