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Emilio and Diego Navaira to embrace their Tejano culture with upcoming new music

The brothers share memories of their father Emilio Navaira and much more with The AC Cruz Podcast.

The Last Bandoleros | Courtesy photo

Emilio Navaira IV and Diego Navaira plan to embrace their Tejano culture for upcoming new music with their band The Last Bandoleros, according to an interview with The AC Cruz Podcast.


The brothers stated, “Without giving too much away, more so now, I think we’re embracing our culture in our music much, much more, which we’re really, really excited about. Let’s just say, I think that fans of 90s Tejano, in particular, are going to hear some stuff that they recognize maybe.”

Emilio and Diego tell host AC Cruz about how they’re dealing with the pandemic, their recent performance on Good Morning America and why it was so special, to unforgettable memories and never heard before stories of their father, late Tejano icon Emilio Navaira, which got emotional at times.

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The duo spoke about their weekly live-streamed show Around A Neon Cactus described as a “weird variety comedy show” that features performances from the band every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. CT on the official Last Bandoleros Facebook page.

Listen to the full interview with Emilio and Diego Navaira on the Season 8 premiere of The AC Cruz Podcast below. Hear previous episodes and get more details at

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