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David Olivarez in search of next big Tejano star

The award-winning singer is searching for the next Tejano star with "Buscando Talento con David Olivarez."

Gaby Yanez, David Olivarez and Gera Hurtado. | Photo: Juan Morin

In between working on his next album and helping people buy, sell or lease with his David O Realty, an idea was floating around for David Olivarez and made possible with the help of friends, the opportunity for talented singers to pursue musical aspirations with the project “Buscando Talento Con David Olivarez.”


Through a series of audition showcases and elimination rounds, there will be one weekly winner of cash and prizes. With a final winner walking away with a cash prize along with an original song production and music video. The talent search has many hopefuls from all over travel to Houston, Texas to be part of this momentous event.

“We were so overwhelmed by the number of participants that we had to have multiple nights of auditions in a duration of weeks,” said Olivarez. “It’s been such an amazing turn out and we cannot thank our sponsors enough for helping us make this possible.”

The contest begins on Wednesday, February 3, 2021, at Yolox Restaurant Bar located at 2836 Fulton Street in Houston, Texas. This is a limited capacity event, call to make a reservation at (713) 485-5474.

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