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Former Hometown Boys vocalist Marky Lee dies from complications of COVID-19

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame singer died on Jan. 31 from complications of COVID-19.

Marky Lee | Photo: Vic Gonzalez

Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame singer Marky Lee passed away from complications of COVID-19 on Sunday.


The former long-time vocalist for The Hometown Boys tested positive for the coronavirus on December 21 along with his wife Maria Riojas. According to a social media post from his son, Sammy Robles, on January 5, Maria was able to continue her recovery at home, but Marky Lee remained in the ICU because his recovery was expected to be a longer process.

The Hometown Boys released a statement via the band’s official Facebook page on the passing of their longtime vocalist. “This is a sad day. Our musical brother, Marky Lee Rojas, passed away this morning,” said the statement. “We were grateful to have had him as one of The Hometown Boys for many years. Now he will join the Boys up in heaven. Marky’s family will be in our thoughts and prayers. May Marky Lee rest in eternal peace. We will miss him.”

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Marky Lee’s career lasted more than five decades, playing with the Chicano band The Mystics, then joining Tejano music legend Augustine Ramirez in 1967 singing Soul music eventually joining The Hometown Boys. He was most recently continuing his career as a solo artist.

A GoFundMe page was created to help with the financial challenge due to Marky Lee’s hospitalization a couple of weeks ago.

Tejano Nation sends heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and fans of Marky Lee.

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