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‘Anything For Selena’ podcast focuses on cultural impact of late Latin music icon

The 10-episode podcast dives into the cultural impact of the Latin music icon 25 years after her death.


The cultural impact of Selena has lasted more than 25 years after her death and a new podcast launched on Wednesday examines the life and legacy of the Latin music icon. The Anything For Selena podcast takes an intimate journey about belonging in America for host Maria Garcia, a journalist and first-generation Mexican American immigrant.


“The podcast is a culmination of this sort of life long quest to understand why Selena was so resonant for me and why a quarter-century later she remains so potent in the culture,” Garcia tells Tejano Nation. “What I really wanted to do is do a truly deep analysis that combined my love for vigorous journalism, for incisive culture analysis, and a very human, very vulnerable, very personal storytelling, to paint a picture of just how much Selena has impacted and changed culture of the last quarter-century.”

As a young girl growing up in the border town of El Paso, Texas, torn between two identities as Mexican and American, Garcia felt a connection to Selena.

“The first time I truly took her in and saw her on television, it was so incredibly profound for me even as a young kid,” said Garcia. “To see a woman that embodied both of my culture and who lived, who straddled these two worlds that I was trying to straddle as a young girl and who did it with such exuberance, with such an open heart.”

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The Anything For Selena podcast will feature 10 episodes and the first two were released this week. Episode One is Garcia’s introduction to Selena and Episode Two features a look into the Queen of Cumbia’s family, specifically a look at the relationship with the singer and her father Abraham Quintanilla.

“Episode two is about going back to Corpus Christi and taking a closer look at her relationship with her family and particularly her father and sort of really looking at all these narratives around their relationship and you know really taking a deeper look that goes beyond sort of the stereotype of their relationship.”

The Anything For Selena podcast is available in English and Spanish on all major podcast platforms and a new episode will be released every Wednesday.

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