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Erika Renée dedicates latest single ‘Mi Linda Ilusion’ to late mother

The singer and songwriter dedicated her latest release to her mother that passed away on Jan. 4.

Tejano newcomer Erika Renée is set to drop her debut album in 2021. The singer previously released three singles but her latest release has a very special meaning to her. The singer dedicated “Mi Linda Ilusion” to her mother, Maria Leticia Peña de Saucedo, who passed away on January 4 after a long illness.


The original song was written a couple years ago by Erika Renée, who says it has a new meaning after the passing of her mother. “Before I really didn’t have that passion, that emotion, that drive behind the song but once I went back and sang it thinking of my mom, the way she was in her last couple of months it just made me feel that emotion,” Erika Renée tells Tejano Nation.

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“The emotion that I put into the song is my mom,” she added. “The passion, the meaning, the emotion, you know, el sentimiento, el dolor. It’s not meant to be a sad song, it was meant to be a happy song. It just depends on who you dedicate to.”

“Mi Linda Ilusion” from Erika Renée is available for download from her official website,, and all proceeds will go to a memorial headstone dedicated to her mother.

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