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Crystal Torres premieres ‘El Uno Para El Otro’ single and music video

The romantic, powerful Mariachi song and video features lost love that was meant to be.

YouTube/Crystal Torres

Tejano Music Awards winner Crystal Torres premiered her new single and official music video for “El Uno Para El Otro” on Christmas Day.


The single is a romantic and powerful Mariachi style track that features a story of lovers so compelled to each other that they realize that they were meant to be together. The song is written by the brilliant songwriter from Monterrey, Mexico, Eduardo “Yayo” Anguiano.

“It’s a masterpiece,” exclaimed Torres about the song Tejano Nation. “He told me (in Spanish) that ‘Es una canción totalmente de amor, en donde una persona se le declara a la otra, confesándole sus sentimientos y tratándola de convencer que son El uno para el Otro.’ When I read the lyrics I knew I had to record this song.”

The song, produced by David L. Garza, was also recorded in a Norteño Lite style but Torres knew she wanted to feature the Mariachi version for the official music video.

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The visual, directed by Lupe Moya of LM Media Solutions, is a tale of young love that took place many years ago.  Early scenes give a backstory with several flashbacks where love develops in a childhood relationship over time to become something much greater.

According to Torres, the story is about her executive co-producer Gilbert Martinez and his childhood love story with Sylvia Scott. “They were separated as teens, with Sylvia moving away due to her father’s job,” said Torres. “Thankfully, many years later, there is a happy ending; as he became reacquainted with her and is now engaged to his childhood sweetheart!”

Torres showcases a modern Mariachi look with a gorgeous floral dress from local San Antonio dress shop Galdina’s. The video features San Antonio-based Mariachi Agave and the family members of Torres, Martinez, and Scott.

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