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Revo Live Band premieres ‘Manos Arriba’ official video

Revo Live Band keeps the party moving with new single and music video "Manos Arriba."

High-energy cumbia group Revo Live Band premiered their latest single “Manos Arriba” along with the official music video. The original song continues the exciting and innovative musical journey establishing a unique fusion of sounds for the Tejano Music Awards nominated group.


“Mano Arriba” is an original song written by brothers Chex Lozano and Frank Lozano featuring the group’s signature up-tempo cumbia fused with reggaeton.

“We wanted to record something that would keep people on the dance floor,” said Chex Lozano, lead vocalist for Revo Live Band. “When we were writing this song, of course, we were out there playing having a great time every weekend. This is one of the songs that you play at the party o you play at the club and it’s going to make people dance for sure.”

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The current pandemic has kept Revo Live Band from performing for their fans, but the Rio Grande Valley group have made use of the hiatus to create music.

“It is different. Honestly, it’s awkward not to see the guys every single weekend. We were so used to that style of life,” said Chex. “Right now, what we’re trying to do is at least make music in the studio. Truly isn’t about the money right now, it’s more about the love and passion for the music.”

Revo Live Band plans to release their third album later this year. It will be the follow-up to Revolution released in 2017. The band’s debut album, Bailar Es Mi Vicio, released in 2015 earned Revo Live Band a nomination as Best New Group at the Tejano Music Awards in 2016, as well as Best New Male Artist for vocalist Chex Lozano.

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