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Stevie D releases highly-anticipated ‘Estamos Unidos’ album

The three-time Tejano Music Awards winner released his debut album with Freddie Records on Christmas Day.

Stevie D | Courtesy photo

Stevie D and Freddie Records announced a Christmas surprise with the release of Stevie D’s highly-anticipated album, Estamos Unidos, on Christmas Day. The debut album for the three-time Tejano Music Awards winner with the legendary record label.


The meaning behind the album’s title is from the difficult year endured due to the pandemic. “It’s all about the year, the separation, the politics – we’re just in a world that is just unprecedented,” Stevie D tells Tejano Nation. “The country felt like it was separated but really we’re one world and really need to be together on this and we need to act responsibly.”

The album was a team effort with Brando Mireles and Jay Alaniz of the All-Star Cast putting together an album filled with a Tejano experience for all to enjoy as we head into the future from the pandemic. “We want to truly see a better future, not only for Latinos but the entire world,” added Stevie D. “We want people to enjoy music and get together. You know, peace, love, and happiness.”

The album contains 12 brand new songs including the smash hit “La Última Vez” and the new hit single “Irremediable.” It also features GRAMMY-winning musicians like Joe Posada and Chente Barrera, and the powerful vocals of Cristina Salinas, the latest edition to The All-Star Cast.

“It’s got a lot of good music in it,” said Stevie D. “I’m very proud of it. I’m proud of Brando Mireles producing it, of course, Jay Alaniz and Cristina Salinas, Chente Barrera. When you get big names like Joe Posada on your CD, you’ve got realize it’s gotta be special.”

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Estamos Unidos from Stevie D and The All-Star Cast is available at your favorite digital platform.

Stevie D won two awards at the 40th annual Tejano Music Awards on Dec. 19. He was awarded Song of the Year for “Ahora Sigo Yo” and Video of the Year with “El Primer Tonto.”

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