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Grupo Mettal premiere ‘Ya Vez Que No’ official music video

Mettal released their first-ever music video with hit song "Ya Vez Que No" on Christmas Day.

Grupo Mettal premiered the official music video for their hit song “Ya Vez Que No” on Christmas Day.


It’s the first music video from the powerhouse band from Cotulla, Texas. The song highlights Mettal’s heavy musical style and not only holds heavy emotion but the music video was created to perfectly depict the phrase “Ya Vez Que No.” A song from Mettal’s upcoming second album scheduled for release in Spring 2021.

The visual, directed by Leslie Ramirez, features a main character leaving her ex for what she thought was something better, but soon realizes that he was right when he says “Ya Vez Que No”. The storyline depicts the main character constantly being reminded of her ex who she misses dearly. However, he has moved on and this is his way of saying “Ya Vez Que No”.

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The Regional Mexican band has been on the rise since the release of their debut album, La Introduccion, in January 2020. Their album featured three successful singles, “Mientras Te Olvido,” “En Tus Brazos,” and “Capullo De Rosas.”

Mettal was introduced in 2019 by the independent record label Discos Solcar and continues to work together hand in hand, continuously booking shows for 2021.

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