Jimmy Edward holiday television special seen for first time in 40 years

The "Christ In Christmas" television special starring Jimmy Edward originally aired in 1978.

A holiday television special starring late Tejano legend Jimmy Edward, not seen in 40 years, was found in his family archives and was recently shown online with family interviews and hosted by Mike Torres III of La 45.


The television special, “Christ In Christmas,” originally aired in 1978 and a couple years afterward, features Jimmy Edward performing songs from his 1978 album Mi Regalo.

The video is from the personal archives of the Treviño family. Originally produced for Texas Best Records, it features Jimmy Edward like you’ve never seen him before or at least in 40 years! The music legend passed away in February 2020.

Torres believes we should preserve Tejano history and culture. “We have to try and document as much as the actual history as we can and this is a great way, hooking up with the Treviño family and trying to do as much as we can to preserve Jimmy Edward’s legacy, like this Christmas special,” Torres tells Tejano Nation.

“If we wouldn’t have put it out it could have easily gotten lost to time and nobody wouldn’t have ever known about it,” he added. “We feel like we have started to accomplish preserving that Tejano history.”

The “Christ In Christmas” television special can be seen on the official La 45 Facebook page for a limited time before it returns to the Treviño family vault, until hopefully next year.

“A true treasure that we are so honored to bring into the digital world,” said Torres.

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