Inaugural Puro Conjunto Awards featured winners and behind the scenes production drama

The inaugural Conjunto Puro Conjunto Awards held during a virtual stream from Bosmans in San Antonio, Texas, on Dec. 19, featured winners and behind the scenes production drama.


Trophies and medals were handed out during the 20-minute streamed awards show, but according to a statement from Reventon Y Mas (RYM), producers of the broadcast, the event created by All-Star Entertainment had many challenges to produce.

“At the time of production, we were daunted with the task of pulling off this production in a matter of hours in what would normally take months to coordinate,” said Vanessa Torres, CEO of Reventon y Mas, in a statement. “Originally we had no part in any of the production until December 17, 2020. While we did manage to blindly adapt and pull it off, there were some issues that came across our way between us and All-Star Entertainment before and after the show. Those issues alone are why we decided to remove the video in its entirety from our feed.”

The show was originally shown live on the Reventon Y Mas Facebook page but was taken down from the feed hours after the show ended.

Torres, who also co-hosted the show with Jesse Torres of All-Star Entertainment, said in the statement, “The production of the Conjunto Puro Conjunto Awards is our sole entity. However, we here at RYM feel that while the lack of professionalism and the mistreatment we endured from All-Star Entertainment was inappropriate, it is not fair to keep something like this from the public.”

The first-ever Conjunto Puro Conjunto Music Awards is available to stream at

“A special appreciation for all the RYM talent, Bosmans, and the talents who were available at the final moments for us to pull this show off,” said the statement.

Full List Of Winners at the inaugural Conjunto Puro Conjunto Awards:

Rudy Lopez (Lifetime Achievement Award); KEDA Jalapeno Radio (Special Recognition); Guero Polkas (Lifetime Achievement), Bosmans Conjunto (Special Recognition); Esteban “Steve” Jordan (Lifetime Achievement)

Conjunto of The Year

  • Conjunto Romo (Winner)
  • South Texas Homies 
  • Santiago Garza Y La Naturaleza 
  • Lazaro Perez y Su Conjunto 
  • Tony “El Tigre” Saenz

Best Conjunto Album

  • South TX Homies (Winner)
  • Tony “Tigre” Saenz y La Rosa De Oro 
  • Conjunto Romo 
  • Joe Zimmerle y Su Conjunto 

Vocalist of the Year

  • Tony “Tigre” Saenz (Winner)
  • Lazaro Perez 
  • Santiago Garza 
  • Ruben De La Cruz 
  • Flavio Longoria 

Woman of Conjunto

  • Cindy Ramos (Winner)
  • Shevi Love 
  • Linda Escobar 
  • Missy Garcia 
  • Victoria Barajas 

Best Conjunto Entertainers

  • Los Badd Boyz Del Valle  (Winner)
  • Los Texmaniacs 
  • Jaime De Anda 
  • Los Garcia Brothers 
  • Rio Jordan 

Accordionist of the Year

  • Christopher Ramirez  (Winner)
  • Christina Valdez 
  • Cedric Romo 
  • Brenda Martinez 
  • P.J. Baca 

Traditional Conjunto

  • Boni Mauricio y Los Maximos (Winner)
  • Los BaddBoys Del Valle 
  • Los Monarcas 
  • Los 2Gs Ruben y Hector 
  • Flavio Longoria y Los Conjunto Kings 

Best Uprising Conjunto

  • Joe Zimmerle y Su Conjunto (Winner)
  • Los Enmascaradas
  • Conjunto Adizion
  • Los RV Boyz 
  • Conjunto Animo

Best Radio Personality

  • Frank Gonzales Pancho Pistolas (Winner)
  • Rudy KEDA Radio 
  • Sam Almanza KEDA Radio
  • Dr. Rex KEDA Radio 
  • Richard Martinez Tejano 210

Best Internet Personality

  • DJ Saz Tejano Lippz (Winner)
  • DJ Lobo Wolfpack Radio 
  • Kalifazz – Kalifazz Radio
  • Lilly La Tejanita – Orale Mi Raza 
  • Jesse Espinoza Tejano Network 

Promoter of The Year

  • Trini Barragan 
  • Hilda Pena 
  • Rudy Lopez  (Winner)
  • Sylvia Riojas 
  • Mari LMB 

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