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Art Tigerina Band covers ‘Cumbia Raza’ for latest single

The Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer adds a little Tex-Mex to '90s song recorded by Los Lobos.

Art Tigerina loved the “Cali-vibe” that East LA band Los Lobos gave “Cumbia Raza” in the late ’90s and he wanted to add a little Tex-Mex to it. Along with a strong accordion, keyboard, and guitar sound, Tigerina asked his good friend Shelly Lares to play timbales on the song.


“I called Shell up and asked if she’d add her touch to this song- we think it all came together great! I really appreciate her support and that of all my musician friends who contribute to my music,” said Tigerina.

“We hope this tune helps people deal with all the troubles we are all experiencing, and for a few minutes, they grab their family members at home and dance around the kitchen or sala. ‘Cumbia Raza’ is a feel-good, groovin’ cumbia,” Tigerina added. “With Covid still impacting all aspects of our lives, it’s been hard to get into the studio. We continue and try to do it safely, and with technology, we can record parts, like Shelly’s timbales, and Bert Ybarra’s awesome guitar parts, at different studios. Art Guillermo masterfully makes it all come together for a fun, upbeat sound. We still think and hope that music will help all of us get through these tough times.”

Art Tigerina Band recorded ‘Cumbia Raza’ with the talented Art Guillermo in San Antonio, Texas. Guillermo is currently producing the sophomore album for the Art Tigerina Band, which will include this tune and ATB’s country tune, “An Empty Glass,” which was released last summer and continues to do very well. It spent over six months on the Tejano Gold Countdown Top 20.

“Cumbia Raza” is available now for streaming and download at Reverb Nation and all digital outlets like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more.

Art Tigerina Band — “Cumbia Raza”
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