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Jose Ricardo Y Legado premiere ‘Dices’ music video

"Dices" is the lead single from the upcoming debut album from Jose Ricardo Y Legado.

Jose Ricardo Y Legado premiered the official music video for “Dices” on Friday.


“Dices” is the lead single from the upcoming album Algo Mio. It’s an original song written by Jose Ricardo, who also co-produced the track with Ben Ramos.

The singer and songwriter says fans can expect 90% original material on the new album with heartfelt topics and themes. “It will be the one that defines my career or not,” Jose Ricardo tells Tejano Nation. “The stakes are high and you only get one shot to make your presence felt. All I can say is you’re getting the best that I got, so everyone’s curiosity should be peaked and I promise to give you my brand of music to the best of my ability! You don’t want to miss it!”

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Jose Ricardo wants his music to have the same impact as Tejano music in the past when every song felt like an instant classic. “I don’t feel many artists are producing quality music like they did in the 90s, not saying the stuff isn’t good,” he said. “I know that is extremely hard to do, but I feel this album will be that caliber record for me!”

The visual for “Dices” was filmed by Ryan Bazan and tells the classic story of the search for everlasting love.

Jose Ricardo added that even during the current pandemic without live music events Tejano music still continues to thrive. “I want the fans to know that COVID has affected us in a way unimaginable and we’ve had not only been affected by not performing, but we’ve had so many losses friends, family and dear musical brothers in the Tejano industry, none the less Tejano is alive and we are still here.”

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