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Anjelique premieres ‘En Trance’ official music video

The two-time Tejano Music Award winner released the official music for her hit single from upcoming fourth album.

Anjelique and The Sweet City Band premiered the official music video for their latest hit single “En Trance” on Oct. 25.


The visual, produced by Ryan Bazan, features a fun vibe that equals the song’s upbeat pace and cheerful entrancing sound.

“This video is one of the funnest videos we’ve done thus far,” Anjelique tells Tejano Nation. “What I really liked about it is that it captured the fun-spirited nature that we have in the band.”

The video was filmed at the Pop Art Museum in historic downtown San Angelo, Texas, and visitors of the museum make cameos in the video. “It’s not only capturing us having fun but some spontaneous people who showed up and wanted to be in the music video,” added Anjelique. “It was really super fun. I love that we were able to do it in San Angelo. It was very bright colored to go with the fun, hip, excited kind of song.”

“En Trance” was composed and produced by Isak A, son of Anjelique, and a member of the band since the age of 14. This is the second collaboration for the duo after the song “Groove.” Anjelique wrote the latest single that showcases a sound from the pair’s respective styles and offers a window into their creativity.

“What I like about what he’s doing for Tejano is he’s giving it a little bit of a different spin,” Anjelique says about her 20-year-old son. “He’s young, so he represents the young culture, the younger generation of maybe what they want to hear in Tejano. I’m all about keeping Tejano original and Tejano will always be original but sometimes we need to be open to a new sound or newer flavor but still stick with those Tejano roots.”

“En Trance” is the latest release from the two-time Tejano Music Awards winner’s upcoming fourth album scheduled to be released before the end of 2020.

Anjelique — “En Trance”
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