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Chelsea Chavez covers ‘Abrazame’ for new single from upcoming second album

The next generation of a New Mexico musical family covers a song from Patsy Torres for new single.

Cheslea Chavez | Courtesy photo

Chelsea Chavez is the next generation of a New Mexico musical family and the award-winning singer covers “Abrazame” for the latest single from her upcoming second album.


“Abrazame” is a song originally recorded by Patsy Torres in 1987. The song is actually an apology for hurting the person who loves you, and the lyrics talk about asking for a second chance.

“My dad chose this song. He chooses most of the songs I record because he knows this music industry very well and knows what kind of songs the people like to hear, so I trust him to make the song choices for me,” Chelsea tells “He’ll find songs he thinks would fit me well musically or lyrically and send them to me for final approval. I really liked the feel of this song, it sounded catchy and pretty so that’s why I agreed to record this one.”

Chavez is the daughter of Steve Chavez, an award-winning New Mexico recording artist who began his career in the 1970s and started his own recording studio 20 years ago.

Chelsea continues the family tradition of music.

“I started singing basically when I started talking” she says. “My dad was always singing to us and playing the guitar or piano for us, so I’ve just always been surrounded by music. My parents realized my dad’s musical gift had been passed down to my brother and I when they heard us singing in the car to the radio or our CD players when we were young children.”

Chelsea began to appear on some of her father’s albums performing background vocals. She eventually recorded a solo song, “Si Quieres Verme Llorar,” for an album her father was producing an it was well received eventually earning a 2015 New Mexico Hispano Music Award for Chelsea as Female Vocalist of the Year and Rising Star of the Year.

“It was so surprising and exciting, and that’s what really sparked my interest in making my own music in this industry,” said Chelsea.

Like many female singers in the Latin music industry, Chelsea is influenced by late bicultural icon Selena.

“I think every girl in this industry is inspired by her, how can we NOT be? She’s legendary, she was the pioneer for all of us women in the Latin music industry,” said Chelsea. “I’m also inspired by my dad of course since he was the one who got me started in all this! I grew up watching him in his career and being influenced and inspired by him since I was a little girl.”

There are other Latina artists that inspire her as well, including Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Becky G, to artists I know personally like Jenna Martinez, Sorela, the Sparx, and the late, great Ernestine Romero, to name just a few.

“I fully recognize that all of these powerful, charismatic women who came before me paved the way for me to do what I love and have my own music career here,” said Chelsea.

“Abrazame” was recorded at Chavez Recording Studio in Española, an award-winning studio which has been owned and operated for 20 years by her father.

‘The song is actually being received pretty well so far, I feel very blessed,” she said.

Chelsea plans to release her sophomore album before the end of the year or early 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has been an added challenge for her in finishing up the album. “I’m about four songs into it now and excitedly moving forward as fast as I can,” she said. “My long term goals for my music career include making more albums, maybe even writing my own original songs, and hopefully being able to spread my music to a wider audience. The more people I can make smile with my music the better!”

Chelsea Chavez — “Abrazame”
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Source: Chelsea Chavez Releases New Single “Abrazame”

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