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Frankie J releases ‘Buenos Amigos’ duet with Lupita Infante, plans virtual concert

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter released the fourth single from his new album 'Canciones Que Recuerdo.'

Grammy-nominated singer Frankie J dove deep into his musical roots with his latest album, Canciones Que Recuerdo, recording timeless Mexican standards from his childhood, and the former Kumbia Kings vocalist released the fourth single, “Buenos Amigos,” a duet with Lupita Infante.


Frankie J pays special homage to classic songs that he grew up listening to from an early age for this special project. “I was just very curious to hear my voice on a mariachi soundtrack, you know with the requinto, with the boleros, and I’ve just always been a big fan of these songs,” Frankie J tells Tejano Nation.

Canciones Que Recuerdo features fifteen songs that pay tribute to great classics including “Fallaste Corazon” by Pedro Infante, “La Farsante” by Juan Gabriel, and “Buenos Amigos” by Alvaro Torres and Selena, the fourth release that features a duet with Lupita Infante, the granddaughter of late iconic Mexican singer Pedro Infante and daughter of Pedro Infante, Jr.

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“She actually picked the song,” Frankie J shares about the collaboration. “Because she is a big fan of Selena, which I am as well, and I said to her, ‘If we’re going to do a duet…let’s do it in a way where it’s going to fit the album. Let’s do it in mariachi.’

Lupita agreed.

“It’s amazing,” added Frankie J. “I’m just in awe of how this whole entire project came to be and how it all developed. I’m excited!”

Frankie J will perform songs from his new album, Canciones Que Recuerdo, during a live virtual concert on Tuesday, September 15 at 7pm CT/5pm PT via the Veeps platform and tickets are available at

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