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Miguel Hernandez pens romantic ‘Eres Tú’ with wife

The romantic song is the lead single from singer's upcoming seventh studio-recorded album.

“Eres Tú” is the first brand new single from Tejano singer, songwriter, producer, and musician Miguel Hernandez, from his upcoming seventh studio-recorded album.


“I’m really excited about it, actually my wife helped me co-write this song,” Hernandez tells Tejano Nation. “It’s a really nice cumbia, it’s got a really, you know, upbeat and just kind of that summer feel. It’s a heartfelt song.”

“Eres Tú” features an exciting, rhythmic melody and is just in time for those warm summer nights, when love is thick in the air. The joyful sounds of the music and the romantic self-penned lyrics by Miguel and wife Amanda Hernandez touch a special place in your heart while being captured in the emotional vocal delivery.

Hernandez explained the process of writing the song with his wife. “I just got this melody in my head and I ended up writing it down and I was trying to put some lyrics to it and she started humming it…We kind of fed off each other and there it is.”

“Eres Tú” is released through R.A.W. Elements, Miguel’s recording music group founded in early 2019. The song will hit the charts and find its way as a summer anthem for years to come. It will be available at all digital music platforms soon.

Hernandez plans to release a full album titled Lucky No. 7 in early 2021.

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