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Five members of Intocable test positive for COVID-19

The majority of the multiple GRAMMY-winning group are infected with the coronavirus.

Ricky Muñoz, lead vocalist and accordionist for Grupo Intocable, announced today that the majority of the band, except himself, have tested positive for COVID-19.


The group had performed two successful drive-in concerts on June 6 in Poteet, Texas, and June 7 in Hidalgo, Texas, and had planned for more drive-in concerts in July in the Houston and Dallas areas.

The members who tested positive include drummer Rene Martinez, bassist Felix Salinas, percussionist Sergio Serna, bajo sexto player Johnny Lee Rosas, and Juan Hernandez, group motivator/rhythm.

Muñoz tested negative, along with guitarist Alejandro Gulmar, staff drivers and office employees.

In the less than two minute video delivered in Spanish, Muñoz said the affected members had received medical attention and were now quarantined. He advised fans to check social media for updates and information on concert ticket refunds.

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It is unclear how this information was verified, but Muñoz said the band members became infected in their spare time and not during Intocable performances.

National media reports today indicated concern by the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as cases rise in several states. According to data from the USA Today, Texas is one of the states with rising COVID-19 cases “with 38,916 for the 7 days ending June 29 compared to 27,579 the 7 days prior.” The state has halted re-opening plans, imposed new restrictions to bars and banned gatherings of more than 100 people. The Austin American-Statesman detailed Monday that “state health officials reported 5,913 COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals Monday, a record for the state and a 416-person increase from the day before.”

Below is a video blog of Intocable’s Poteet drive-in concert where some of the affected members were interviewed.

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