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Destiny Navaira premieres music video for Emilio remake ‘Pienso En Ti’

The music video for the remake of an Emilio classic features a fun, family atmosphere.

“Pienso En Ti” is the latest music video from Destiny Navaira and her solo debut album and features a fun, family atmosphere that is especially timely for the release date on the day after Father’s Day as she is joined on vocals and in the video by her fan-favorite father Raulito Navaira.


Destiny chose to remake the classic early hit from her famous uncle, the late Emilio Navaira, but with a different sound that leans more toward her unique style.

The young performer’s debut album, La Preferida, highlights Destiny’s mature, polished voice and range, and “Pienso En Ti” is no different as her smooth vocals give new life to a Tejano classic.

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Destiny appears comfortable in front of the camera as she sits with her family inside a restaurant, sways to the music on the dance floor, and jokes with her father and brother, Rigo Navaira. According to Destiny, her comfort level with the camera during video shoots grew over time.

“At first, it was uncomfortable because I’m not big on acting and theater or anything like that,” Destiny said. “But you play the song and you kind of just imagine yourself on stage and you put yourself in the story and the video plot.”

Dressed in a stylish, black, sleeveless outfit set off by a flashy, rhinestone belt and sporting large hoop earrings, Destiny looks at ease in the “Pienso En Ti” video and she credits her father and brother with helping her hone her acting skills.

“I think it just kind of comes naturally and with the help of my dad and my brother, it was a fun experience,” she said. “I think when we’re ready to make another video, I’m ready for it now after these ten videos.”

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In an interview last week with Tejano Nation, Destiny said she recorded a video for each of the 10 singles of her debut album La Preferida. This has allowed the rising solo artist to provide her fans with new material during the COVID-19 pandemic that has silenced live performances for several months.

The videos were recorded by Bunch Punch Productions once the album wrapped and Destiny said she is thankful she can present them to her fans as they wait out the indefinite pandemic quarantine.

“I feel blessed that we do have these videos to share during the time that we can’t go out,” Destiny said.

This is the sixth video release off of Destiny’s solo debut album La Preferida, with the others, including: “Inolvidable;” “La Preferida;” “Entregate, Entregate;” “Te Fuiste;” and “Interlude.”

WATCH: Destiny Navaira — “Pienso En Ti”

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