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Emanuel J releases debut album ‘Palabras De Amor’

The singer and songwriter released his solo debut album.

Self-taught singer and songwriter, Emanuel J, originally from Colorado, moved to San Antonio just two years ago to follow the passions and desires of his heart to pursue his dreams of becoming a solo artist in Tejano Music.


Some might be familiar with him as the frontman for Behind The Scenes Band from his time in Colorado realizing only he could set his limits once in San Antonio, Emanuel joined LaDezz where he was able to showcase his distinctive accordion and keyboard skills.

As the magic happened in the making of this album, another household name decided to invite the talent to make something already great even more enjoyable. He quickly attracted attention from well-known names in the Tejano industry like Gilbert Velasquez, multiple Grammy-winning producer and owner of Velasquez Studios in San Antonio, who immediately recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue a solo album.

“Part of being a songwriter, I have a little more control of how the music will sound,” Emanuel J told Tejano Nation. “As far as this album, I created most of the music. Produced reference tracks, or pre-production tracks for Gilbert Velasquez. Once he got the music, he added his flavor to it and changed a few things around to make it a little more colorful.”

Emanuel also gives credit to his twin brother Emiliano, who has always been very close to growing up sharing the same love for music.

Emanuel says Emiliano was not only very helpful in the album process, but also his career bringing creativity and new ideas. “When we write together, the song is so much better than when I make the music alone. It’s like the saying, two minds are better than one,” he said.

“Growing up, we learned how to play our instruments by ourselves. Self-taught musicians. We were always told to never stop learning. There’s no ceiling to the knowledge of our craft. We can’t settle.” Emanuel added.

Emanuel was invited to join David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales to play a keyboard where he gladly still participates in making amazing music.

“I learned a lot from playing with La Dezz and DLG y Los Musicales,” he said. “Both groups are highly respected. My time with the Musicales has probably been more educational. Learning the ways of the industry from the guys that have been doing it for 50 plus years has been resourceful. Being on the road with them is always a good time.”


Lately, things have been looking quite bright for this talented young Tejano artist’s future as he continues to bring a refreshing sound and consistency with his new album entitled, Palabras De Amor, released on May 19, 2020.

Instantly, the listener can evoke strong emotions as they hear Emanuel J’s phenomenal voice for the first time and even get hints of Jay Perez and Ram Herrera-like influences that are highly honored by the young artist. 

In the tracks “Solo Tu” and “Regalo De Dios,” Emanuel’s vocals voluntarily display how deep his love is for her that is so dreamy and romantic leaving the listener wanting to cater to their partners every need and enjoying the presence of each other with admiration and gratitude.

Another track, “No Se Porque” displays feelings of sorrowfulness and abandonment as he sings about her leaving him broken-hearted. She has found someone else and never says goodbye or gives him any type of closure on the relationship. 

“Por Amarte Asi,” tells the story of one loving and yearning for someone but it is forbidden. The person desires to kiss and touch them but cannot because of certain circumstances.

 As a songwriter, I try to keep my lyrics as personal as possible,” said Emanuel J. “Pieces of my love life experiences put together; like one moment in time here and another there. Ex-girlfriends in the past or summer flings have helped influence many of my songs.”

“Every person that has entered your life is a life lesson. Good or bad, they leave something for you to remember,” he added. “Sometimes I would use the experiences of others around me that I am witnessing. I try to make the lyrics as relatable as possible for the listeners to connect with.”

This masterpiece of an album is now available on all digital platforms for fans to enjoy and to appreciate the unique vibe presented by Emanuel J as he continues to grow as an artist and release more pleasurable music.

“I want my fans to experience love and heartbreak when listening to my music,” he said. “I want them to feel some relatability listening to the words. But I also want them to experience joy, excitement, and the craving for love. The music, you can dance to. It is upbeat and fun. so find yourself a lifetime dance partner and fall in love listening to my new album, Palabras De Amor.”

LISTEN: Emanuel J – Palabras de Amor

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