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‘MMXX’ album from Michael Salgado is a ‘sign of hope, happiness’ for 2020

The two-time Latin Grammy winner released an EP featuring seven tracks on May 22.

Michael Salgado shared his latest music in an EP titled MMXX, released on May 22, 2020.


The project features seven tracks from the two-time Latin Grammy winner, including the hit songs “Si Tu Me Dejaras”, “Esa Chica Me Trae”, “Me Llaman Soñador”, along with the latest release “Vente Ya”, and a country bonus “Honky Tonk Education”.

“This album is to help shed a piece of light on my fans that are here like all of us going through this difficult time together,” Salgado tells Tejano Nation. “The music is a sign of hope, a sign of happiness, not even to just my fans but to me not being on the road and doing what I love to do for my fans and my followers.”

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“El Zurdo de Oro” is working on tour dates for the rest of 2020 and plans for a live performance to be streamed on the official Michael Salgado Facebook page on June 20, 2020.

MMXX is available now at all digital music platforms and is the follow-up to the Latin Grammy-nominated album Otras Historias released in 2017. Salgado won a Latin Grammy award for Best Tejano Album in 2016 for Por Cielo Y Tierra and a Latin Grammy for Best Norteño Album with En Vivo in 2007.

LISTEN: Michael Salgado – MMXX

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