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Aisha releases ‘No Te Preocupes’ written by her husband

The former backup singer released a song penned by her husband from her forthcoming sophomore album.

Aisha is an emerging artist in Tejano music, the singer released her solo debut album, Mi Vida En Cancion, in 2018, which received a Best New Female Artist nomination at the Tejano Music Awards last year. The album featured many hits songs for the former backup singer of Ram Herrera, Oscar G, Stephanie Lynn, and many more.


Aisha is currently working on her sophomore album and has released a hot new cumbia penned by her husband Max Aparicio and produced by Gabriel Zavala. It’s the first song ever written by Aparicio.

“We’re really excited,” Aisha told Tejano Nation. “We wanted to do a little something different, a cumbia with a little bit of international but still keeping it Tejano with accordion and bajo in it.”

“The song is basically about a girl that is telling her man that he did her wrong in the past, he’s worried about her being by herself but don’t be worried about her because she’s fine and if you do her wrong again then he’s going to lose her forever,” she added.

“No Te Preocupes” from Aisha is available now at all digital music platforms and she plans to released her sophomore album in early 2021.

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