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Lucy Rodriguez covers ‘Asi Es El Amor’ for new single and music video

Lucy Rodriguez covered “Asi Es El Amor” for her latest single and music video, which will be the lead single from her upcoming album recorded under her label Emerald Records.


The video marked the single’s official release this past Valentine’s Day—a date meant to put the sentiment of the song into perspective.

“Asi es el Amor” was first recorded by Carlos Moreno in 1983.

“When Mr. Moreno heard my version of his mega-hit, ‘Hello, Babydoll’, he called and asked me to cover this song as well,” said Rodriguez. “I was surprised that a Tejano legend of his caliber would make such a request; to say I was honored is a complete understatement!”

She wanted to convey the rich, original Tejano sound in this song, having been influenced by bands such as La Sombra growing up.

“My team and I researched specific instruments and spoke with a lot of Tejano industry leaders to find out what exactly was used in the era of the pure Tejano sound (back in the ’80s),” she said. “It wasn’t easy in the least to get our hands on certain period keyboards and rhythm guitars, but in the end we did it! We certainly hope that the public appreciates the amount of time and vast effort that went into, not only this single, but the entire album!”

Given the current world situation, this video is meant, not only to entertain but also to remind the public that love transcends time and conquers even the worst of situations.

“No matter what life throws at us, love is the absolute key,” said Rodriguez. “And this song could not have been a more appropriate reminder of this for the entire world. As horrific as this pandemic is, it’s serving to remind us that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring—or if we’ll even wake up the following day. I would like to ask everyone to really sit down, listen to the lyrics and to plug them into their own lives. This song puts a lot into context.”

If you’re a die-hard Lucy fan, you might also notice a strategically placed hidden gem in this video. Can you spot it? Those who find the hidden Easter egg should write their answer in the comments on her video.

The video was shot at Abel’s Classic Cars in Gregory-Portland. It was directed and produced by Greg Allen and Lorenzo “Papo” Banda (RokKore Studios).

The second single from Lucy’s upcoming album is set to be released this May.

Lucy Rodriguez – “Asi Es El Amor”

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