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La 45 collaborate with music legend Little Joe to reconceptualize classic hit ‘Traigo Mi .45’ [AUDIO]

The next generation of Chicano music teams with the King of the Brown Sound to remake a classic.

La 45 is crossing generational and musical lines with every note they play. The #NextGenChicanos have entered the Roaring 20s” with one goal; to re-establish the brass sound of the Onda Chicana as a driving force in the music industry. What better way to do that than to collaborate with the man whose name is synonymous with Chicano music...Little Joe!


The five-time Grammy award winner and pioneer of the genre join La 45  on their latest single, a re-envisioned take on the classic song “Traigo Mi .45”. 

Mike Torres III, a founding member of LA 45, shared details on the origin of this collaboration and the personal and historical significance of this recording:

“When John (Ontiveros, co-founding member of LA 45) and I first started putting this band together back in 2017, we knew we wanted to name our new group after a Little Joe song,” said Torres. “It was our way of paying tribute to the King and showing the kind of impact he has had on our lives both musically and personally.

“As soon as we decided on the name LA 45, we knew that if we were ever going to record that song, we would only do it if we could get Joe to sing on the track with us,” he added. “There was no other way we would want to do it! Joe has done many collaborations, great songs, with other artists. But we feel like this one is extra special because we are direct musical descendants of his legacy.”

Torres and Ontiveros are former members of La Familia, spending many years in the band.

“We shared the stage with him night after night, we learned so much from him, and we really use his career as a sort of blueprint or road map for how we are trying to continue that legacy and that sound with the new generation,” said Torres. “When we sit back and really think about it, we can’t help but feel like this is something very special,…historic even.”

The release of this single kicks off what will be the busiest year yet for La 45. A cross country tour in support of their new album due out this March is being announced in February that includes dates in California, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and their home state of Texas with more dates to be added for the second half of the year! 

Fans can follow the band on social media via Facebook and Instagram and can get all the latest news through their website .

Formed in 2017, LA 45 is a 10 piece orquesta based in San Antonio, Texas. Performing a blend of traditional Mexican-American music with jazz, funk, and R&B; the band is the next wave of the Onda Chicana popularized in the 1970s. Led by two former members of the iconic Chicano band, Little Joe y La Familia, LA 45 is made up of the top young talent in the state of Texas. The band’s third record release will come in March, just ahead of their 2020 national tour.

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