Rick Balderrama re-releases ‘La Patria’ album via custom USB device

The singer and musician teamed with John Negrete of Matson Multimedia to offer fans his latest album via USB.

Rick Balderrama is taking his current fifth album, “La Patria,” an album dedicated to his late father, Tejano legend Henry Balderrama, to the next level with the re-release of the album via digital media on a custom USB drive.


Balderrama teamed with John Negrete at Matson Multimedia to give fans a new way of listening to music.

“The whole concept is pretty cool,” Balderrama told Tejano Nation.

He becomes the first Tejano and Latin artist to release his album this way and believes it is the future of music distribution.

“The whole concept, of course, my brother has a 2019 Honda Accord and it does not have a CD player,” said Balderrama. “All these new vehicles going forward, they don’t have CD players but they have USB.”

This new approach of custom USB albums began in recent years with independent artists wanting to give fans bonus material, including music videos, band member profiles, song lyrics and so much more. It allows artists to give fans more information than CD or vinyl.

Standard CDs store just under 740 MB of music, while USB drives generally start with a minimum of 1 GB storage with up to 32 GB capacity. It’s a customized and effective way to release music, create a buzz and provide audiophiles and music collectors with special edition mementos.

Balderrama plans to re-release all four of his previous albums and his upcoming sixth album via USB. The package will still include a CD for fans. The re-release of “La Patria” with USB drive is available at

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