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Solido hits over 1 million views for ‘Todavía No Sabe’ music video

The Grammy-winning group garners over 1 million views for their latest music video.

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Solido has reached over 1 million views on the official music video for their latest single “Todavia No Sabe,” released via the group’s official YouTube channel on Jan. 10.


“We are kind of surprised of how well this song is doing,” Ben DeLeon of Solido told Tejano Nation. “We had it shelved for almost a year before we decided to release it. I’m glad we did!”

It’s the second single from the Grammy-winning group’s highly-anticipated album, “Antídoto Y Veneno,” scheduled for release in May. It’s the first album for Solido in more than three years for band that will celebrate 20 years in 2020.

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“The success of this song comes a great time for us,” added DeLeon. “We just teamed up with Good I Music and Endzone Management. Super excited to be part of the Intocable family. We have a lot of surprises for all our fans coming up in 2020.”

Good I Music is the record label formed by Ricky Muñoz and René Martinez of Intocable in 2010 as they decided to continue to express their love for production and music in their own unique way. The record label roster also included Vision and Zamorales.

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