Ruben Ramos cast in upcoming film ‘On American Soil’

The Tejano Music Legend has been cast in his first movie scheduled to begin filming in March.

Tejano music legend Ruben Ramos has done it all over his career of more than six decades including multiple Tejano Music Awards, Grammy winner and now you can actor to his legendary resume.


“El Gato Negro” will be on the big screen in a new movie titled “On American Soil.” The action-adventure film is about illegal border crossings and dangerous encounters, especially for one ex-border agent.

“We are so happy to have Ruben Ramos on the cast for this film and he has been such a kind and humble personality, his character’s name is Carlos, and I don’t want to give away too much of his character so everyone can see it in the movie,” said Michael L Garcia, Jr., writer and producer for the film. “He is a class act and one of a kind, it’s an honor to have him involved and we are grateful to him for joining the OAS family.”

The movie will begin filming in March and launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo. You can support the project by clicking here and donate any amount.

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Another Grammy winner is expected to join the cast for the movie that will feature young Latino actors. Two more Tejano artists will be a part of the project including singer and accordionist Bree Jimenez and her sister Gabby Jimenez. Bree received a Tejano Music Awards nomination for Best New Artist in 2017 for her debut album “Baila Mi Cumbia.”

“These sisters are so talented musically we can’t wait to see them in their first film,” said Garcia.

Stay up to date on the film’s latest news on the official Facebook page, On American Soil.

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