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Savannah V and Stefani Montiel unite for moving duet ‘Vive’ [AUDIO]

The duo combine their powerful voices for an inspiring song.

The motivational, danceable ranchera, “Vive,” beautifully combines the powerful voices of up-and-coming vocalist Savannah Votion with top Tejano vocalist Stefani Montiel for a song that’s not just for women but anyone in need of inspiration.


Obviously, both women, who recently won awards at the 39th annual Tejano Music Awards, can sing a variety of styles, and together, their voices ignite the ranchera as they sing about living your life to the fullest and following your dreams.

Savannah V recently commented about what the song meant to her as well as the involvement of one of her longtime idols, Stefani.

“Vive is such a powerful message,” Savannah said. “I spoke with my producer (Gabriel) Zavala about a song I wanted for my daughter giving her advice on life and how to live in this crazy world.”

After Savannah recorded the song, she learned that Stefani would be singing with her.

“I received a call from Gabriel telling me that Stefani wanted to be on my track,” she said. “I was shocked, I was crying. I was emotional because I’ve looked up to this woman all my life and she has been there for me throughout all my career with little hugs and gestures and she’s always giving me advice! With this being said anything, I mean anything is possible!”

If you want to hear a song to move and motivate you, and hear the talented female voices Tejano music has to offer, take a listen to “Vive.”

Savannah V + Stefani Montiel — “Vive”

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