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Grupo Potente returns as Eficaz with new single and label

The Quintanilla brothers reunite with former members of Potente to form Eficaz.

Photo: Facebook / Eficaz Band

A journey that began over thirty years ago for the Quintanilla brothers has reunited them for the first time in 16 years. Anthony and Esteban, along with long-time Potente drummer Johnny Rodriguez, as well as JR DeLeon and Steven Cavazos, both former members of Kingsville-based group La Fe, form Eficaz.


This collaboration is a dynamic and versatile band with a unique sound. Featuring a variety of vocal stylings and venturing into different genres, Eficaz continues to improve upon an original sound that was established as a fan-favorite years ago.

During the 1990s, Potente, as they were formerly known, worked tirelessly to establish a regional, national, and international following. After having success with such hits as “Hombre Muerto,” “Quisiera Tener Alas,” “Me Haces Quererte Mas,” and “Linda Morenita,” Potente would disband for a brief period in 2000.

The Quintanilla brothers would once again come together for one final project under the name Potente, in 2003. Having each established life some 200 miles apart, they decided that the rigors of road life were too much to overcome.

Carlos Rodriguez owner of Discos Solcar had reached out to Anthony Quintanilla in 2016 and offered a record deal, but at the time Potente was not ready to return to the music scene.

In early 2019, Anthony told Rodriguez, “We’re ready.” Of course with the agreement that they would change their name to EFICAZ (Effective). The name change is a way of leaving everything in the past that contains good times and some bad times. 

The band many knew as Potente is now more mature musically, vocally, and is definitely making that obvious with their new single “Historia De Amor” penned by Eduardo Anguiano, who has written songs for Lucky Joe, Siggno, Jay Perez and more. 

Eficaz is finishing up their complete album and is set for release in February.

Out with the old and in with the new, EFICAZ!

Eficaz — “Historia De Amor”

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