Shevi covers ‘Vas A Querer Volver’ for debut single [AUDIO]

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Shevi released her solo debut single on Friday (Aug. 11), a cumbia cover of  “Vas A Querer Volver”, the 2014 hit from Mexican singer and actress Maite Perroni.

The song was written by Eduardo Murguia and Mauricio Arriga as the theme song of the Mexican telenovela La Gata on Televisa. Perroni was the  novela’s star and sang the original bachata version the show.

Shevi has been in the music industry playing alongside bands since the age of 8. In October 2010 she was struck by a very rare cancer which left her in bed for five years. During chemotherapy and radiation, she kept her mind busy by reading and watching Mexican novelas. This is where the inspiration to cover this particular song came from.

Shevi’s husband, Joseph Gonzales, began arranging and putting all the final pieces together for the cumbia and after three years it is now available for all to enjoy.

Shevi is the current vocalist for the Corpus Christi-based band Texas Fever featuring Shevi. Learn more about Shevi and Texas Fever on their official Facebook page, @TexasFeverFeaturingShevi.

LISTEN: “Vas A Querer Volver” — Shevi

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