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Lucky Joe speaks on success of ‘Desechable’ duet with Elida Reyna + more [VIDEO]

Lucky Joe discusses the success of "Desechable" duet with Elida Reyna and much more with Tejano Nation.

YouTube / Freddie Records TV

“Desechable”, the duet from Lucky Joe and Elida Reyna, has become one of the biggest hits of the year. The single and official music video were released in July and the video boasts almost 95,000 views, with the song heating up playlists all summer.


The track is the latest release from Lucky Joe’s fourth album “Tu Principe,” released last December.

“It’s a great song that people have been responding really well to it and have been getting a lot of good feedback on social media and on Freddie Records TV channel on YouTube, so we’re excited about that one,” Lucky Joe told Tejano Nation.

Lucky Joe had always wanted to record with Elida Reyna.

“It had been one of my goals in my musical career to record a duet with Elida and finally se me hizo (it was made),” he said. “I have been a big fan of Elida Y Avante for a very long time and once I got signed with Freddie Records, you know we were on the same label and I’m like, ‘Man, maybe this is my chance’, and it happened.”

Lucky Joe plans to follow up the success of “Desechable” with the release of his next single, “Mi Bonita,” a song written by music legend Freddie Martinez, in October.

Watch the full interview with Lucky Joe below, where he also speaks about the origin of his name, which is his real name, and much more.


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