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Elida Reyna ‘passes the torch’ to Isabel Marie during duet of ‘Duele’ [VIDEO]

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Elida Reyna and Isabel Marie perform "Duele" at Far West in San Antonio. (YouTube)
Elida Reyna and Isabel Marie perform “Duele” at Far West in San Antonio. (YouTube)

Tejano superstar Elida Reyna brought rising singer Isabel Marie on stage to show a symbolic passing of the torch during a show in San Antonio on Friday night (June 3).

Las Tres Divas – Elida Reyna, Shelly Lares and Stefani Montiel – put on a great show at San Antonio’s Far West night club, but the most spectacular and special moment of the night came during Elida’s performance.

The crowd was treated to a surprise duet of “Duele” from Elida and Isabel Marie.

“No one knew why Isabel Marie had walked in and if she was performing,” E.L.S.A. Foundation CEO/founder Trini Barragan, who filmed the video, told Tejano Nation about the special moment.

Elida brought the 13-year-old singer on stage for the powerful performance from both vocalists.

“It was truly an honor to share the stage with a living legend in the Tejano industry and to hear Elida and Lalo (Reyna) say that they are passing the torch, sort of speak, brought me to tears,” Isabel Marie told Tejano Nation. “Knowing that the hard work is paying off and big names like Elida are taking notice really warms my heart!”

The significance of the song chosen for the duet had special meaning to Elida, according to Barragan.

“Elida had picked the song ‘Duele’ because it had humbled her when the song came out for her own reasons and said that,” said Barragan. “She picked Isabel for that song because Isabel is a humble person and told Isabel never to change.”

Elida wasn’t the only diva to show some love to the young singer.

“Shelly Lares, as well, acknowledged me in the middle of her set to the crowd and Stefani Montiel has also done that,” Isabel Marie said. “(It) is an incredible feeling, because they are all giants in the industry and I am very inspired by them.”

Isabel Marie recently signed with Q Productions and has multiple hits off her debut album New Girl In Town, including “Pero Como Voy Olvidar,” “Fallaste Corazon,” “Un Beso” and “Dime Porque.”

“I also want to thank my team at Q Productions that work really hard on the music that was produced,” she said. “Mr Abraham Quintanilla has been invaluable to us with helping my father, guiding him and myself on this journey which is a difficult business, but very hopeful being in good hands that we will succeed. Special thanks to Suzette Quintanilla as well for all her guidance!”

“I truly feel that the duet was much more than a regular duet,” Isabel Marie added. “It was to me, that through God, she blessed my career for the future! I know that God is in control and seeing him work his magic is incredible and very hard to describe what I am feeling.”

WATCH: Elida Reyna and Isabel Marie perform “Duele”


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