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Ray Ray releases ‘Ella No Eres Tu’ official video [VIDEO]

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Ray Ray de Los Agues debuted the official video for his latest single “Ella No Eres Tu” during a video release party at Grasshopper night club in San Antonio on Saturday night.

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The visual, shot and edited by the talented Ryan Bazan, shows the singer spending time with an other women while his wife is away. But, is it real or just all a dream? Watch the video below to find out.

“Ella No Eres Tu” is produced by multi-Grammy Award winning producer Gilbert Velasquez with additional work from Chente Barrera.

“It was an honor to be in the same studio with them,” Ray Ray told Tejano Nation’s Romeo. “We’re very happy with the product that came out,  just an awesome, awesome song.”

Ray Ray plans to release a couple of more singles in the near future, then drop a compilation album to include all of the singer’s songs.  His latest album No Se Como Fue is available now from the Tejano Nation Amazon store, just click here.

WATCH: “Ella No Eres Tu” by Ray Ray 

1 comment on “Ray Ray releases ‘Ella No Eres Tu’ official video [VIDEO]

  1. La Neta del Planeta

    still trying to figure out who told this guy he could sing lol


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