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8-year-old singer Mia releases ‘Mamá’ song + video for Mother’s Day

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Eight-year-old singer Mia has released her latest single and video, “Mamá,” a special combination for Mother’s Day.  It’s the third single released from the young singer in the past few months. “Mamá” is a cover of the 2013 hit from Siggno.

“‘Mamá’ has been in the works since January of 2016,” Mia’s father, Chris Garcia, told Tejano Nation. “The idea started because it was Mia’s mom’s favorite song from Siggno.”

Once the idea was presented, Grammy Award winner Rick Fuentes, from Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution got involved with the track.

“He agreed to produce it,” Garcia said.

Cañonazo’s Steve “Rat” Silvas, formerly of Little Joe Y La Familia, got involved in the project as well.

“Steve co-arranged the song with Rick, and had a few recitals with Mia, to make sure everything was in perfect key for her voice,” Garcia added. “We actually began production in March 2016, and finished up mid-April 2016.”

Mia recorded her vocals and then they were sent to Grammy Award winning producer James Galvez for mixing and mastering. Galvez produced artists such as Alicia Villareal, Kumbia Kings, and Frankie J, just to name a few.

For the video, Mia called upon Ryan Bazan Films to produce the music video. He produced Mia’s first two videos, “El Perdón” and “Cuando Los Angeles Lloran”.

“His ideas always make his visuals a hit,” Garcia said. “Since the song lyrics are exclusively about mothers we chose to use Mia’s mom, Yuliana Garcia, along with both grandmothers. I think that’s what makes this video very special, is that there were no actors but real family members in Mia’s life.”

The video showcases Mia engaging in different activities with both grandmothers. From start to finish, this video is guaranteed to keep your attention, and to pull at your heart. Get your tissues ready. What a perfect video and song for Mother’s Day.

“Mamá” is available at Spotify, click here.

WATCH: “Mama” by Mia

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