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Warbucks Music Group launches ‘Viva Tejano’ network

BY TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
BY TejanoNation Staff

viva-tvKYLE, TEXAS (December 28, 2015) – Warbucks Music Group announces an initiative to help promote Tejano music and culture with a network of outlets, including television, radio, publication and events.

The goal is to promote the Tejano genre, including Tejano musicians, performers, songwriters and more, back to the mainstream of popular music in the entertainment industry.

Viva Tejano Television Show

Warbucks Music Group will produce a half-hour variety music show, Viva Tejano, hosted by 17 year radio and television veteran Yoli Romo.  The television show will showcase Tejano music with artist interviews, music videos and performances.  

“Our goal is to help new artists, writers, and producers with an opportunity that they might not otherwise get,” says Romo. “There are talented people out there who might not have ever been given the chance. We want them to have that chance.”

Viva Tejano will be broadcast into two markets, San Antonio and Austin, beginning January 2, 2016.  The show will be seen on Austin’s Azteca TV (KDAF-LP Ch. 20) on Thursdays at 11:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.  The show will also be broadcast on San Antonio’s Azteca America TV (KVDF-CD CH. 31) on Thursdays at 11:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.

Viva Tejano Radio

Warbucks Music Group will launch Viva Tejano Radio, a 24-hour Tejano radio station, to begin broadcasting in January 2016 on a soon to be announced FM dial.  The radio station will play legendary Tejano hits but will also highlight the new artists of La Onda, as well as introducing listeners to other crossover genres.  The station will include a number of your favorite Tejano radio personalities making a return to the airwaves on Viva Tejano Radio playing Tejano hits from genuine Tejano music charts.

Viva Tejano Video Awards

Warbucks Music Group will honor the Tejano industry with the inaugural Viva Tejano Video Awards, scheduled for Fall of 2016.  Categories will not only showcase the usual artist awards but will also recognize individual band members including accordionists, guitarists, drummers and more.  Categories will also be awarded for best choreographer, sound, lighting and more, areas never before recognized in the Tejano industry but are appreciated and acknowledged in other music industry genres.

Viva Tejano Magazine

Warbucks will publish a full-color top of the line magazine for Tejano Music loving fans, Viva Tejano, beginning in February 2016. The publication will be a directory for musicians, promoters, bands and clubs. It will be the go-to-magazine for Tejano, featuring inside views of La Onda, including career advice for new or even established artists. Viva Tejano will feature upcoming events, modeling agencies and more, with distribution all over South Texas, along the Texas I-35 corridor and beyond.

About Warbucks Music Group

Warbucks Music Group is a Texas-based entertainment company and independent record label that currently has four artists on its roster, including the legendary Tejano band Alfredo Y Tortilla Factory, 2015 Tejano Music Awards nominee Juaquin Cura, Tejano newcomer Devin Banda, and Latin sensation Julio El Catras.

For more information about Warbuck Music Group’s Viva Tejano initiative and positions available for each initiative, please visit

CONTACT: Yoli Romo 512-673-8829

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