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Yvonne Y Fuego release ‘Te Mentiria’ from sophomore album [AUDIO]

BY TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff

Yvonne y Fuegoyyf-aquiestoy_500x500 announced the release of the second single from their sophomore album, Aqui Estoy, on Tuesday.

“Te Mentiria,” written by Hectour Uvaldo, is a cumbia featuring an upbeat, playful story with a plot twist, and the second single released from the new album.

“Our newest single has a playful rhythm with ‘you’ll be sorry’ lyrics,” lead singer Yvonne Ramos laughs, as she talks to Tejano Nation about the new single and album. “From a female’s perspective, it’s probably something we have all wanted to say to some guy at one point in our lives, but what better way to ‘move on’ than to go out and get your cumbia on with your girlfriends!”

According to TLL Talent, the new album is a musically diverse follow-up to their inaugural album, Nosotros. Aqui Estoy contains high energy cumbias and heartfelt rancheras.

The album was produced by Rolando Revilla Jr. of Revilla Productions and includes special guest appearances. This is the second Revilla production for Yvonne y Fuego and the band hold this album close to their heart.

“This project is something we hold near to our hearts because we were able to collaborate not only with some great songwriters, but also with other artists.” says Yvonne. “When dealing with the songs written for this CD, we felt like we were dealing with precious cargo. You want to make sure that you do the best that you can to bring justice to the beautiful melodies.”


The Toledo, Ohio-based band’s new album includes a duet with La Dezz member Mark Ledesma, a former lead vocalist of David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales.

“After listening to his tracks and how well it meshed instantly, we were so excited and honored that he would work with an upcoming band such as ourselves,” Yvonne said.

Another duet on Aqui Estoy is very special one for Yvonne.

“The other duet that is very special, is a duet that I do with my father, Ruben Ramos,” she said. “We have sung together for years. He is the whole reason that I started singing. Being able to share an original melody together with such touching words has started the waterworks more than a few times already!”

Aqui Estoy is currently available for digital download, the physical copy will be available March 1, 2016. Yvonne Y Fuego are currently taking pre-sale orders of $12 each plus $5 shipping fee, until February 29, 2016, at

LISTEN: “Te Mentiria” by Yvonne Y Fuego

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