Jesse Turner thanks fans for support after son injured [VIDEO]

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Siggno's Jesse Turner thanks fans for support. (Facebook)
Siggno’s Jesse Turner thanks fans for support. (Facebook)

Jesse Turner from Grupo Siggno thanked fans for their prayers and support in a Facebook video, after his son Jacob was injured in an auto accident early Monday morning.

Turner posted this message along with the video on his official Facebook page early Tuesday morning.

“Amigos, gracias por sus oraciones, gracias por sus palabras positivas, gracias por llenar el hospital de ese sentimiento que Dios nos a dado que es amor. Tengo el corazón pesado pero aún aun tengo mi Fe en Dios…. Mi hijo va estar bien porque Dios es muy grande y solamente Dios es el doctor de doctores….les pido por sus oraciones, les pido que abrazan a sus hijos y que les den buenos consejos de la vida. Estamos muy agradecidos con cada uno de ustedes, nuestros amigos, mi familia…los doctores y enfermeras que están haciendo todo posible para que Jacob este bien. Un abrazo.”

Translated from Spanish, “Friends, thank you for your prayers, thank you for your positive words, thank you for filling the hospital of that feeling that God has given us that is love. I have a heavy heart but still, I’ve still got my faith in God…. My son is going to be okay because God is very big and only God is the doctor of doctors…. I ask for your prayers, I ask you to hug their children and give them good advice of life. We are very grateful to each and every one of you, our friends, my family… The doctors and nurses who are doing everything possible to ensure that Jacob this right. A hug.”

Jacob Turner, Jesse’s 21-year-old son and bass player for Siggno, was critically injured in a one vehicle accident early Monday morning in Harlingen, Texas.  Jacob’s status was later updated to stable and was resting in a South Texas hospital.

WATCH: Jesse Turner thanks fans for support after son injured in auto accident


7 comments on “Jesse Turner thanks fans for support after son injured [VIDEO]

  1. Magaly Alva

    Deceo de corazon pronta recuperacion,todo esto pasara nuestro sr padre se encargara de sanarlo todo asu tiempo.y con mucha Fe y esperanza animo.el esta en oracion por parte de infinidad de personas y todas esas oraciones son escuchadas Fe,mucha Fe.


  2. I’m sorry jacop turner for what happen my family is praying for always keep you in prayers


  3. Beatrice Yanes Castillo

    My prayers are with you Jacob and your family. We love you.


  4. Jessie , I want you to know I’m a big fan of Siggno. . My heart & prayers goes out to you and the family in this time in need . I know this is a very difficult time you and your family are going thru . But always remember god is big , and he never gives us more than we can handle . Never give up hope and faith , god is watching over Jacob and you and your family . Lots of love and praryers going your way . May god bless you and your family. Your friend . Christine Luis


  5. Vidal y Lidia mares

    We r praying for u Jacob and for your family we love ya and will pray for all of u and Jacob from the mares family in Seminole tx


  6. Monico jimenez

    Praying for your son jessie and yourself. God is great ….


  7. Lupe Morales

    Praying for son Jacob Turner I’m a mother my son is a big fan of your group he loves your songs and he only 15years old I would do anything for my son and we wish Jacob a very happy birthday may god bless him always and forever you will see he will wake up god works miracles


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