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Conjunto Bravo bring diverse sound to PYT Festival of the Arts [VIDEO]


Conjunto Bravo performed at the 4th annual Pascua Yaqui Festival of the Arts on Feb. 6. (Elisa Jaimez / TejanoNation)
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by Elisa Jaimez
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TUCSON – Conjunto Bravo volunteered their time at the 4th Annual Pascua Yaqui Festival of the Arts in Tucson, Arizona on February 6.  The band has donated their talents many times to fiestas around the Southwest region. Conjunto Bravo are known for their playfulness on stage, but also their seriousness to put on the best show for their many fans.

Conjunto Bravo is powered by the accordion and bajo sexto. The band has been together for four years with Chris Lopez and Mario Valenzuela being the originators of the band. Conjunto Bravo consists of lead vocalist Bobby “Biggie” Molina, Lopez on accordion and vocals, Joe Sanchez on bass and vocals, Valenzuela on drums and Stevie Ray Vavages on Bajo Sexto. The band members consist of Pascua Yaqui, Tohono O’odham and Gila River Indian Nationalities.

Conjunto Bravo features a diverse sound including Conjunto, Tejano, Country and Waila (pronounced Way-la) music.  Waila, also know as chicken scratch, is a mix of Tejano and Polka and is the traditional social dance music of the Tohono O’odham Native Americans of Southern Arizona.

On a recent interview with Biggie, I asked him about his most memorable time while playing with the band. Biggie remembers when they were playing at the Casino Del Sol on a Friday night and Grupo Stampede was in town for a private gig.  Biggie noticed before their gig ended, Grupo Stampede checking out their performance and afterwards Conjunto Bravo had the opportunity to hang out with Grupo Stampede, take pictures and feel like they were the stars, when usually its the other way around.

The future is looking good for Conjunto Bravo as they are planning to produce their second album.

Conjunto Bravo is scheduled to perform at this year’s Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair at historic Market Square in San Antonio, Texas. The band will perform on Saturday, March 19th at 1:30 pm on the San Saba South Stage, and on Sunday March 20th at 2:15 on the Hildago Stage, representing Arizona and keeping Conjunto alive.

WATCH: Conjunto Bravo performs at 4th annual Pasqua Yaqui Festival of the Arts

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