Siggno releases update on Jacob Turner after auto accident

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Siggno's Jesse Turner was critically injured in one vehicle accident early Monday morning. (Facebook photo)
Siggno’s Jesse Turner was critically injured in one vehicle accident early Monday morning. (Facebook photo)

Grupo Siggno released an update on Jacob Turner, who was critically injured in a one vehicle accident early Monday morning in Harlingen.

“We would like to inform everyone that Jacob is stable & resting at this time,” the band posted on their official Facebook page. “Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. At this time we would like to ask everyone to respect the privacy of the family and accept that we are not accepting visitors at this time. Please keep us in your prayers.
Love Always, Tus Amigos.”

The 21-year-old musician, son of Siggno lead vocalist Jesse Turner, was listed in critical condition after crashing his vehicle into a guardrail at approximately 12:25 a.m. Monday morning in Harlingen, The Valley Morning Star reports.

According to the reports, witnesses say the white Dodge Challenger was traveling east on the 3500 block of West Expressway 83 frontage road at a high rate of speed when the driver lost control at the curve and struck the guardrail. The collision caused the vehicle to catch fire. Turner was the only person in the vehicle.  The Harlingen Police Department will continue an investigation into the crash.

Tejano Nation sends thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for Turner.

23 comments on “Siggno releases update on Jacob Turner after auto accident

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  2. waldo cuellar kingville texas

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  3. Prayers for Jacob,Jesse and family. God put your hands on this young man and heal him of his injuries. This I pray, Amen.


  4. My HEART goes out to You and Your FAMILY….
    You will get through this Tough Time…. just keep FAITH!!!



  5. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery


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  7. prayers and my the lord keep you safe and plzs get better soon luv you guys


  8. prayers go out to you jacob my the lord keep you safe and get better soon luv you guys


  9. prayer go out to jacob god bless and keep you safe get better soon


  10. Siggno Fan

    Sending prayers to la Familia Turner and the guys in the band (SIGGNO) at this difficult time. Jacob is under the vigil light. Keep up the faith as difficult as it may seem at this time.


  11. Chrystal carrillo

    Prayers jesse for your family and loved ones,May jacob be lifted up with healing hands!! God bless


  12. Prayers to your son Jesse. May the Lord give you patience and guide Ness through this difficult time. May the Lord put his healing hands on your son. Hope he is doing okay and has a full recovery.


  13. Faith in our Lord can get us throughout the worse .Place your son in God hands and he will lead him and your family out of the pain and helpless you feel.Also the power of prayer.Lets all of us form a chain of prayer for your and God will hear our prayer.Dear Lord please help your son that he may come out of this accident and that his family feel that you are with them.We ask this in your Son name Jesus.Amen


  14. Robert l stillman

    Prayers go to Jesse Turner and son .hope your son is doing OK god has the power he will make your so get better


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  16. Elaine Ortiz

    My thoughts and prayers to the Turner family. May God give you strength through this tough time. Dear Lord in heaven heal your son and give the family the strength through this tough time in Jesus name we pray amen .


  17. ,prayers for Jacoc Turner for a speedy recovery and may God give peace to Jesse Turner and his family. God is in control!


  18. Irma Vargas

    Prayers ..going up…god bless ya’ll Vargas Family from Ozona ,Tx


  19. My prayers go out to you and ur family. I hope your son get better Me and wife we will be praying as will. Just faith with god is so strong to heal ur son. Jesse Turner I got a lot holy spirits with my oh might god he will give him a another chance.thank you and god bless siggno.


  20. Prayer’s goes too Jacob Turner an ur recovery u can beat this… Show ur dad nd mom nd family… Who Boss…. Ill be praying for u nd ur Family… Ur a strong Guy… Right now just get the rest u Need…


  21. Prayer’s


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