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Ricky Valenz feeds the homeless in San Antonio [PHOTOS]

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Ricky Valenz feeds San Antonio's homeless community on Thursday night. (Facebook photo)
Ricky Valenz feeds San Antonio’s homeless community on Thursday night. (Facebook photo)

Award winning Tejano singer Ricky Valenz took time out to feed the less fortunate in San Antonio on Thursday night.

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Valenz and San Antonio rapper King Kyle Lee, both with Star Boy Entertainment , hit the streets of the Alamo City handing out meals from Bush’s Chicken to the homeless community.

“Definitely was humbling tonight being able to go out in the San Antonio streets and physically hand some of the less fortunate, hungry n homeless hot food from Bush’s Chicken,” Valenz posted on Facebook. “I thought to myself at moments, I’m helping somebody’s loved one, friend, father, cousin, tio, aunt, brother or sister out. Like my #210 homie Kyle Lee said ‘If we all helped at least one person, the world could be a better place.'”

Valenz is scheduled to perform at the 35th edition of the Tejano Music Awards in San Antonio on October 24.  The singer’s new album featuring collaborations with A.B. Quintanilla, Chris Perez, DJ Kane and more is expected to be released soon.

PHOTOS: Ricky Valenz and King Kyl Lee feed San Antonio’s less fortunate

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