Raulito Navaira Forms New Group with Son and Daughter

remedioSAN ANTONIO, TX – Remedio will be making their debut as they attend the 35th Annual Tejano Music Awards on October 24, 2015.  Raulito Navaira, joined by daughter and son, Destiny and Rigo Navaira, will release their debut album late next week.

The debut album creates sounds that are familiar to long time Tejano music fans while also creating new traditions for the next generation. Remedio has hit the ground running with a fresh look and sound that will give the industry something that is long overdue.

“We wanted to make sure we were authentic,” Rigo Navaira said. “It was important that we stay true to Tejano music while also giving fans something they aren’t getting ont the radio today.”

With new artists introduced each year, Remedio has prided themselves on their raw talent and familiarity of both the Tejano and today’s popular sound. The band is excited for this platform that will create opportunity to give back to their community in ways that have yet to be attempted by the Tejano music industry.

“We are more than just Raulito’s kids,” said Destiny Navaira. “We are musicians. We are fresh. We are the next generation of Tejano Music.”

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